A New Webpage for Non Fiction and Professional Posts


While my first love is writing fiction, I got my start in academic nonfiction and have a large portfolio of creative nonfiction titles as well as excerpts from my two memoirs, Someday I’m Going to Write a Book: Diary of an Urban Missionary and Karma, Kickbacks and Kids. There is quite a bit of overlap, since most of my stories have their roots in real life experiences. But I’ve decided to create an offshoot of my fiction website to feature blog posts that also bridge the gap–as well as a sampling of my creative nonfiction and academic and research articles that might be of interest.


You can also check out the archives of my Blogger (includes My African Journey) and LJ blogs (featuring my other travelogues, New York Stories, and some of my op ed), my dedicated Twitter feed Petite Meets Street (@petitemeetstreet), and my non fiction and professional Facebook pages.


I blog regularly for the Fifty Authors in Fifty States blog series as well as for the Soulmate Authors’ blog.



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