Through A Writer’s Garden with Carole Ann Moleti

One of my hobbies is gardening–and I learned everything I know from my father.

Catherine Castle

Pond Memories

pondmemoriesenhanced Daddy’s Pond

My earliest memories are of gardening with my father. Our home was on the Bronx waterfront, with the beach as a backyard, so there wasn’t much space.

sailboat Daddy in the backyard

Daddy carved out a corner for a pear tree and another for a fishpond, complete with lilies, a turtle, and croaking frogs that found it on their own. We had a small vegetable garden and he planted roses for my mother. I once watched him dig trenches around the rose bushes and bury fish he’d caught off our dock as “fertilizer.” Thinking about it now grosses me out, but at the time I was transfixed.

ourpondenhanced Our Pond with some of Daddy’s statuary

I grew up helping him tend the outdoor spaces, as well as the indoor garden, with a miniature railway he created in a greenhouse that looked out over Long Island Sound. Storms took…

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