Ten Accounts Authors Should Follow on Twitter



Using the mute function to hide followers and friends who clog up your feed with what they are having for lunch and other useless information, as well as blocking those who are are abusive or create spam has helped me tame my Twitter feed. But who should you follow? Here are some recommended sites.

Ten Accounts  Authors should Follow On Twitter 


Shares grammar advice, fun facts about grammar, and links to relevant articles on the web. Engages with her followers. A fun account to follow.



The official account for the annual National Novel Writing Month. Useful for participants, especially in autumn before and during the writing marathon. Tweets information and inspiration.


@RayneHall – RAYNE HALL

Posts frequent #writetip tweets, as well as advice for indie publishing, NaNoWriMo and other topics of interest to writers. Also tweets funny writing cartoons and photos of her cute cat reading books. Answers followers’ questions about writing and publishing.


@Fairchild01 – THE EDITOR DEVIL

Posts #writetip tweets and links to interesting blog posts, with comments.


@NatRusso – NAT RUSSO

Post frequent #writetip tweets with succinct clarifications about common grammar and spelling issues, as well as about fiction plotting. Also some hilarious tongue-in-cheek #horriblewritetip tweets. Engages with followers.



Tweets tips on grammar, spelling and freelance writing, mostly in the form of links to blog posts. Little or no interaction with followers.


@AngelaAckerman – ANGELA ACKERMAN

Co-author of the bestselling Emotion Thesaurus and other invaluable resources for writers. Tweets links to posts about fiction writing and editing. Engages with followers.



Tweets links to articles that teach writing craft skills, of interest especially (but not only) to romance writers. Sometimes posts the same tweet repeatedly.


@WritersDigest – WRITERS DIGEST

Many of tweets and retweets with links to useful posts about the writing craft. Despite having lost a lot of credibility during the phase when it engaged in vanity publishing, Writer’s Digest has remained an authority on writing topics.


@AdviceToWriters – JON WINOKUR

Tweets quotes by famous writers about writing, and links to writing-related blog posts. Doesn’t interact.


Are you following any of these accounts on Twitter? Which other accounts do you recommend?


13 thoughts on “Ten Accounts Authors Should Follow on Twitter

  1. Shenae Richards says:

    This is the second post I’m seeing for the day on writers to follow on Twitter. Seems like Twitter is where the writing party is at, and I have been missing out!


  2. Christine Antosca says:

    Thank you for this list. I’m always looking for authors to follow on Twitter as I find it helpful with my writing. I follow NANOWRIMO and RAYNE HALL


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