#Resist: The NYC Impeachment March

July 15, 2017.

Trump and Pence Must Go

The Impeachment Rally and March in NYC

It was hot, and tempers were hotter.

The NYPD rocks. Let me say that again. The NYPD rocks.


The rally began at 4 pm. Most of us where there by 3, knowing we’d have to negotiate the barricades and pens around Trump Tower. Indeed, we were penned about two blocks north. There may not have been a huge crowd, 500+ were expected, but we were loud. Had to be. The Red Hats were there and the fifteen or so of them, including the cute blond cheerleader in the dress down to there and up to here. Rabid, crossing the street, getting in our faces and in our pen, screaming threats and threatening to have us locked up. And the cops kept us safe.


The March, which first stopped in Times Square and picked up a few tourists and New Yorkers who joined us for a while, then headed from 6th down to 9th Avenue toward Union Square. The favored chants, or the ones that bounced off the surrounding buildings and had the vast majority of drivers, diners and passersby giving the thumbs up were:

“No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”

“Everybody knows Trump and Pence have got to go!”

What was different about this March was that it was on the sidewalks, which made it easier to engage with people along the way. Not all were supportive of our message. And they were angry, but not violent. One woman exhorted us to have more respect for the office of the President, and for the military. Well, the President has no respect for anyone, or the law, or the Constitution. And there were plenty of veterans there to remind her that if any of them had colluded with Russia, they’d be in prison.


Then there was the woman who wanted less government. Instead, we have government tho is trying to interfere with the most personal thing: health care, particularly for women. Then there was the nasty ass who had a sign “Please self deport.” Sir, most of us are Americans. Perhaps the fact they were African American, Hispanic or wearing headscarves was all you could relate to. These women seemed fearful, until they were secure in the middle of the crowd, then they smiled.


We left the Red Hats on their shady side of the street and had a police escort along the entire route to ensure our safety and keep traffic moving at the same time. One Red Hat wound up in the middle of us at one point, but he was pleasantly chatting with someone so it was all good.






We proudly exercised our first amendment rights, which include:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


“These protests are getting OUT OF HAND…. Time to call out the National Guard and SHUT them down.”

Pirro was once an exemplary Westchester District Attorney and a staunch advocate for victims’ rights, particularly abused women and children and sexual assault survivors. WTF happened?

Refuse Fascism has not blocked or deleted any of the hateful posts like Pirro’s and her “friends” on their page. Because free speech is free speech, and everyone deserves their say. From my experience, the only people who need to be SHUT Down is this crew, for everyone’s safety.

RedHats IM


Don’t worry about New Yorkers, Jeanine. I’m not calling you Judge Pirro because a real judge should know better. You have no respect for the Constitution and should have your ass disbarred. The NYPD has everything under control. Besides, NYC is out of your jurisdiction. Which these days is, of course, Fox News Channel where you host ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine.’  That’s WTF happened.


And those are the facts. Not alternative facts. Right from the middle of the action in the streets of NYC . Check out my carousel of images and the video on my Facebook page. Just don’t take my word for it. Here is AM New York’s retrospective from the streets.   

And for balance, here is Fox New’s Report


Carole Ann Moleti visits, talking about “Storm Watch”

How do you feel when a series ends?

Ryan Jo Summers

I am very pleased to have fellow author, Carole Ann Moleti, visit. I love the title and cover of her latest novel, “Storm Watch”, book three of the Unfinished Business series. The official genre is Light Paranormal Romance. It has some spice, open door sex scenes, but no erotic. The author tells me there is minimal foul language.


Welcome Carole Ann!  Tell us about your series.

Thanks so much for hosting me today. Storm Watch is the third book in the series, which I started writing as short story I called Unfinished Business, back in 2006. That initial piece was published in Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts. Truly unfinished, it was the middle of the story, and I was encouraged to “novelize” it by adding the backstory for Liz and Elisabeth, which became Breakwater Beach. Then I wrote forward to expand on Mike and Jared’s stories. Storm Watch

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Follow Me is a passionate story of love that transcends time which is found, lost, and found again. A brilliant concept, the relationships in the past and the present occur simultaneously, giving us a glimpse into what can be if only we believe.”
CK2S Kwips and Kritiques, Kelley A. Hartsell, April 2007

“The love scenes were very sensual and…

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#Resist #ImpeachTrump #DutyToWarn

The Impeachment Rally in NYC on July 2 was one of the most vocal, and confrontational that I have attended. There were only about 1000 people, maybe less, protesting Trump, But the six Trump supporters became rabid once they realized how outnumbered they were. The guy with the Trump 2020 flag is at every rally and he never gets in anyone’s face. He and I had a brief conversation yesterday, and I told him I gave him a lot of credit for getting in the middle of these massive protests. We even shook hands before he dismissed me from the Trump pen with a flick of his royal ass wrist (the cops wanted me out of there, too). But things got ugly once the Red Hats arrived and one had to be removed from our pen by the cops. The African American man, who bears a strong resemblance to the doorman I’ve passed when walking the circle around Trump Tower, was screaming “Lock her up!” at me. The venom on his face was disturbing, as were the other maniacs trying to make their voices heard over the very loud honks of support from cars and tourists on buses passing by. RedHats IM

The resistance marchers are peaceful, always. There are children and elderly folks there, and I worry when situations like this occur. Even the signage at this rally was a bit raw, a sign that this is rising to the level needed raise the volume to a decibel level our legislators will hear and finally do what they need to get Trump out of office and into psychiatric care.


I have said this more than once. If a patient came into my office exhibiting the behaviors this so-called president does, I would have to exercise my “duty to warn” and contact the police. Trump’s words and actions indicate he is a danger to others, with little or no impulse control, threatening gestures and words, and menacing actions. His latest barrage of tweets indicate his anger is escalating and that no one can control him. Even is staff are saying the applaud the fact that Trump uses Twitter to “connect with the American people?” Anyone else who was tweeting like he does would have their accounts suspended for abuse and threats. Why has that not been done?

Trump is a man out of control, and he has the power to start a nuclear war. He is wiping out decades of civil rights advances, decimating health care, the environment, our natural resources, and our National Parks.  He is not only an embarrassment to the United States, he is a danger to our allies who are struggling with their own terrorism problems. If there is a successful attack on the US, it will be because of Trump distractions and smoke screens, not in spite of any of his “actions.”

Nazi brown jackets have been replaced by red hats, and I do not make that accusation lightly.  I am not alone in my assessment.


If Trump’s young son was my patient, and thank God he is not, I would be required to report my concerns to the Administration of Children’s Services for suspicion of child abuse. Whether they would accept the case or not remains to be seen, but protecting children, particularly whose parents are abusive to one another, is one of the grounds for intervention. Who knows what Melania Trump is dealing with at this time?

On July 15, we will be back at Trump Tower for another impeachment march, Please check to see where the sister marches will be and join when and where you can. We need to speak loud and clear so our voices raise above the Twitter rabble distracting everyone from the danger, and the task at hand.


Believe me, none of wanted to be standing in the concrete canyons in 90 degree heat. My long holiday weekend was ruined, but like the others, we knew we had to be there. And we’re going to keep going to these rallies and marches until Trump is out of office.

No, we have not forgotten how to fight.



Cover Reveal for Carole Ann Moleti’s STORM WATCH!

Thanks for helping me celebrate!

L.D. Rose

Fellow Soulie and author friend of mine, Carole Ann Moleti is revealing her latest cover on my blog today! Check out the third book in her series of ghostly-themed paranormal romances set in Cape Cod (one of my favorite places!). ❤


Unfinished Business series, book 3

by Carole Ann Moleti

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